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Knitting – Baby Booties & Hats

November 18, 2013

My new grandson’s feet are cold!!

Oh Dear!!

Two needle baby booties.

Two needle baby booties.

Time for grandma to start knitting up a storm of socks for baby! Since it’s fall and the dairy is closed for the winter I can spend time doing knitting projects any time of day – after I clean up the knitting room it will be even easier cause I’ll be able to get to my machines. So searching Ravelry I found several likely candidates and came up with one that makes a baby bootee in one piece on two needles, Easiest & fastest baby booties ever!

Knit Flat and then seamed , it's quick and easy.

Knit Flat and then seamed , it’s quick and easy.

The first pair were too big but the second pair was just right. The third pair disappeared fast as they were too short for his feet and kept falling off. The difference? The yarn probably. First pair were beige RH as were the second, the third pair was our of Carron Soft and black, the same needles were used on all booties, but the softer yarn knit up at a different gauge.

I realize that this kind of simple construction  could easily be up-sized for an adult foot…wheels are turning! In the mean time I’ve got to whip out a few more for baby and then start on a set of socks for him. Baby socks are easy and I think I’ll use this pattern Super Quick Baby Socks

I’m also going to knit a few of the kimono slippers I saw on ravelry. And I do like the garter stitch Booties as well.

Baby hat worked in team colors for his brothers football team.

Baby hat worked in team colors for his brothers football team.

I also finished up a hat for baby a couple weeks ago, and before that a hat and sweater. I put the projects up on Ravelry. I’ve got to put buttons on the sweater and it will be finished…finishing up my UFO! Yea!!


What a week… cont organizing stash

November 17, 2013
Re-organized office

Re-organized office

What a week!!

I’m almost done re-organizing…what a job it’s been. The main problem with it all is that once you start it kind of flows into all the other areas of the house!

I started in the office and it moved out to the living room because I had more room in the office to put things like spinning wheels and such. Then I decided to reorgainze the books/pattern collection because we decided to move the treadmill out of the knitting room into the living room now that there was more room in the living room and that required a move of a bookshelf full of books (went into the office)…which meant there was now  huge mess in the knitting room since in order to get the treadmill out I had to move everything to the side. UGH!

the new home for the spinning wheels

the new home for the spinning wheels

Now I’m organizing three rooms instead of just one, and the living room is a ‘greatroom’ meaning it’s a living/dinning/kitchen room all in one. It sounded so easy to just reorganize the office…what a landslide this turned into!!

The nice thing is that I can now walk into the office and put things away and keep the living room clear of my projects…and another goal I’ve decided on is to finish all the unfinished projects I found while moving everything around!

So what had to go in order to get all that room in the office? About 30 bags of fleece from my Shetland sheep and Angora goats, which is sad because I don’t have the Angora goats anymore. As I tossed them into the compost I recognized every fleece and the wonderful Angora goat that grew it for me.  But, the fleeces were infested with wool moths and all had to go.

Then I had to do a thorough cleaning of everything to make sure there weren’t any moth eggs left, big job but the Dyson was up to speed and hopefully I’ll not see anymore little moths flying around….haven’t seen one in days…crossing fingers!!!!

Still missing Chief, it’s been a week and I suspect I’ll still be tearing up in 6 months.

Chief – RIP

November 17, 2013
Summer babies 2013 with Chief

Summer babies 2013 with Chief

My beautiful boy Chief has gone over the rainbow bridge.

We lost our Livestock Guardian Chief to kidney disease last week and he’s left a huge hole in my heart as well as our defenses. Chief was my first LGD,  I got him as a rescue at 1yr old, so we pretty much learned together how to help him guard chickens and goats and later on the sheep ducks and geese. For six years he’s been wonderful at guarding the baby goats and helping the mamas with birthing, truly a wonderful guardian who knew his job and did it extraordinarily well.

The picture below is of Chief in the foreground and Tessa in the background with some of the goats in between. Tessa is now responsible for guarding all the goats and chickens and rabbits, I had to rearrange the fences a bit to allow her access to all the areas and she’s doing a really good job. Chief helped me train Tessa so it was a lot easier to raise up Tess than it was to raise up Chief.

Chief in the early November sun.

Chief in the early November sun.

Organizing Stash

November 6, 2013

My knitting room and office is a mess. 2013-11-06 08.44.05

What fiber artist doesn’t have a problem with maintaining an organized stash? In my case I’ve got needles, hooks, yarn, bags of fleeces (washed and unwashed), cones of yarn, knitting machines, and looms all over the place! I’m sometimes surprised that I can even find my way thru this collection!

Having a farm means I’m busy from early spring (planting time) thru late fall (last of the cheese making). During the months of winter I get to slow down and catch up on inside projects and this winter I’ve decided to concentrate on organization…mainly organizing the fiber in my life.

Spring 2013 Shetland fleeces…many projects are possible with a fleece. As each one is shorn off a sheep I get to inspect them and dream about the possibilities…I moved these into a storage barn once they were in boxes. Now I get to wash and dry them and get them ready for projects to keep friends and family warm.


Hello world!

May 31, 2011
Melody & her twins, spring 2013

Melody & her twins, spring 2013

I”m a fiber artist living in Washington State on a farm where I raise Shetland sheep, milking goats, chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cats and the occasional stray. I hope to be able to share some of my projects within these pages, perhaps they will inspire some one to make something. Mostly I’ll put up knitting projects, but I might also indulge in other crafts like crochet, weaving, and the occasional cheese or gardening project. I suppose you could say this could develop into a blog about homesteading and the many arts it takes to keep the farm going.

Welcome to my world!



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