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Chickens in the House

February 23, 2015

OK – not really in the house…I just been thinking about something that happened last year and it’s been ruminating around in my brain for awhile so I thought I better write it down so it would hopefully stop bugging me.

I was approached by a literary agent who asked me to collaborate with another author on a book about chickens, specifically it was to be a ‘how to’ for city folk on how to raise a flock. I was pretty excited about the prospect so I went ahead and signed on to provide the technical expertise for this author.

After a few weeks of emailing back and forth on this book and me flushing out several of her chapters with the required technical aspects I got very frustrated. I realized that the author wasn’t interested in the ‘right’ information and only wanted stuff in there that I considered false information or down right misleading information. I wasn’t interested in selling anyone anything so they could guarentee success with their chickens. I wanted people to have the correct information so they could go out and get a few chickens and keep them in easily found stuff from garage sales or even second hand building supply stores as well as feed them correctly with food that they could easily and cheaply find in their garden or grow themselves in their own garden…making the production of eggs and meat even less expensive. I wanted to save people time, money, heart ache, and the learning curve that I had to go thru.

The author didn’t want what I wanted. She was more into providing a glossy DIY booklet on how a city person with a lot of extra cash could easily purchase wonderful chicken palaces for only a few thousand bucks and guarantee they’d be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

She didn’t like me much either…LOL!! Which I could care less about!! I quit the project and never looked back…until I started thinking about what Joel Salatin says…Folks, This Ain’t Normal!  Great book and I suggest you get a copy and read it. I thought I would be a laughing stock of my farming friends once they read that book on chickens and I wasn’t comfortable with that at all (so quitting was an easy decision).  But more than that – I realized that this author was contributing to the myth of farming & caring for animals, and that is why it really irked me more than anything else.  There really is a disconnect between American’s and their food and how its raised or grown…Joel is so right!2013-04-23 14.34.14


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