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Knitting for Sanity in 2014

January 12, 2014

I don’t know about you but I find knitting to be one of the most soothing activities I do – it’s right up there with meditation and weeding…but more productive & cleaner respectively.

When people tell me they don’t have the patience I am floored…knitting helps me keep centered and patient. Just catch me on a day when I’m in the doctors office and they are running late and I forgot my knitting…I’m a total basket case with anger cause I have to wait…then catch me when I’ve got a portable knitting project with me…calm as can be and in my own world as I get lost in the rhythm of the stitches. Knitting keeps me focused in the now.

In 2013 I got another…lucky recipient for my knitting, my grandson is of course the apple of my eye and won’t complain about my knitting or loose it at school (I think that’s a hint that the item wasn’t cool enough), and if it doesn’t fit well now it will in another month or so! I have tons of patterns for baby knits so I think a goal this year is to get busy and knit some before he’s a teenager like the other two grandsons (the ones who lose grandmas knits at school).

2013-09-30 15.12.22

Last year was pretty busy, I packed one daughter off to go live with her new husband in North Carolina, got a new grandson from my oldest daughter, attended almost all the farmers markets by myself (at two different markets), and dealt with the usual farm activities with birthing babies and milking the goats and making the cheese.PFM2013

This year is already packed with plans for improving the work flow on the farm, increasing our offerings in the cheese department, and changing over to a permaculture system while using biodynamics to improve the quality of our soil. We’re building another high tunnel to house the animals and it’s going up on a piece that hasn’t had any animals on it so we’ll have to fence it in of course. This will help both the goats and sheep as it will have new pastures that they can browse & give them all a permanent house to live in with plenty of room. When that’s done I get to tackle the old pastures and re-contour them so we can keep the rain water in the fields instead of running off the fields. We’ll do this by creating swales and planting lots of trees and shrubs. I’ll have to keep the sheep & goats out of there for at least a year, and even then limit their access to a couple hours so they won’t do much damage to the young trees. I already lost 4 cherry trees to the goats, and the sheep almost took out my new pear & apple trees last summer. This year I’ll be planting more fruit & nut trees as well as some nitrogen fixers (haven’t figured out which ones will grow here but white clover,  filberts & chestnuts are on the list as well as black locust and a couple oak).


So here’s to a new year and new plans! Hope your holiday season was full of wonder and lots of love. Happy New Year!!


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